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We digitize your business workflows

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ECYBIZ is your partners to digitize your business workflows

We guarantee an increase in your profit through improved transparency of your business information and customer satisfaction through speed of service. 

Our components are simple, modular and can be built-up based on the needs of your business requirements. They connect you to your business partners or retail operation for ordering products, control your supply chain, store and analyze customer contacts and profiles. 

Usage is intuitive. Maintenance and modifications to adopt to your ever-changing business procedures at any later stage is done directly by us. 

It is possible to connect to other software systems through interfaces in order to complement those. 

We also help to integrate Crypto payments and offer general software consultation. 


Our Customer Order Management System (COMSYS) module can include unlimited number of sales-outlets with various authorization levels according to business requirements.


Our Sales module includes sales forcasting, control of sales performance of each sales-outlet / dealer / salesperson and various reports.


Complete workflow for service and service offering is included with instant update of inventory during the repair process


Our Supply Chain module gives you an up-to date overview of your stock and supply situation with possibility to retrieve details. Includes also demand forecasting.


for managerial accounting and is seamless integrated into the overall system.


Customer Relationship Management is an important task to improve your communications with your clients.


Online Accessibility for simultaneous access through computers, smartphones and tablets gives you convenient access wherever you are and whenever you want

Authorized access levels for each individual user controls access to information and functionality 

High Security is ensured through strong data encryption

Flexibility and possibility to customize to your specific requirements and your business model so that you can make any decision as you want

User friendly and intuitive, so that it will be easy to let new users access the system without extensive training

Online maintenance through us gives you always up-to-date technology without expensive local software upgrades

Multi-language and multi-currency capabilities are mandatory in the global world of today

Data secured in private cloud so that you don’t need to worry about hardware failure, fire, theft of server and backup media etc.


Our applications enable users to utilize accurate, real-time enterprise data quickly which increases efficiency and productivity, reduces operational costs, and frees up resources for higher value tasks which improve customer service as well as your bottom line!  

This software simplifies and automates primary business processes of wholesalers and distributors which eliminate process redundancies, minimize mistakes and allow your company to operate more effectively in an increasingly competitive sales environment and complex global supply chain.  

It is built on a multi-lingual, multi-currency platform which enables users buy or sell in any currency or language. In addition, it is intuitive, easy to use and scalable to any size enterprise, and can be deployed immediately – minimizing downtime.          


Improved Transparency and Increased Productivity lead to higher sales and greater profits.  

No upfront capital investment is required and our online cloud-based solution eliminates the costs associated with running an onsite network and purchasing expensive software.  

Data migration and product database set-up fees are low, saving clients’ money and enabling clients to start using the system quickly.    

Intuitive and interactive design makes our solutions simple to set up and easy-to-use, which minimizes implementation and training costs. 


Multi-layered, state-of-the-art approach to security, incorporating secure firewalls, intrusion detection and encrypted passwords. Transmission to and from servers utilizes Secure Socket Layer (256-bit SSL) encryption to prevent interceptions of data, and only allows authorized users with proper credentials to use the system.  

We adhere to the highest standards for uptime and security - 24/7/365. Data is backed up automatically in real time and disaster recovery in secure and redundant data centers is available.  

Flexible architecture enables clients to maintain control of their data at all times. .  


Our Production, Inventory and Supply Chain module capabilities can be infinite in its complexity, subject to your requirements.

Some of the basics include:

Supply chain management

Automatic re-ordering recommendations for parts

Data interface with other systems, e.g. SAP

Product management

Inventory management.


Our Wholesale / Retail Order Processing modules can include unlimited number of sales-outlets with various authorization levels according to business requirements.

Flexible discount levels based on company policies are possible

Order status tracking can be reviewed online

Consolidated reporting of all retail outlets are available

Control of sales performance

Real time order tracking


Our sales component is seamlessly integrated with ordering component on the one side and accounting on the other side. Sales are tracked in real-time.

Retail and Wholesale activities include reporting of:   

Forecasting for products by quantity and revenues

Actual sales for products by quantity and revenues

Market share sales data evaluation 


The complete workflow for service is included in the system with instant update of inventory during the repair process.


The accounting component contains basic functionality for managerial accounting and is seamless integrated into the overall system. 

  • Charts of accounts
  • Financial statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Account payable ageing
  • Account receivable ageing
  • Multi-currency capability

Customer Relationship Management

is an important tasks to improve your communications with your clients. Our system has the capability to filter customer data to send emails, letters for the purpose of confirmations, marketing, sales and service activities

Technology involved

On the backend we use Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

Our users can apply any technology they want on the front end, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or other browsers, Android, Apple IOS, …..

We also stay up-to-date with newest technological developments so that our clients can continue using our products also in the future.


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